Knights of Azémar

The King's Bastards

The party was teleported to a cathedral. They climbed the spire of the cathedral hundreds of feet up and saw a mirrored version of their party on the other side. When they reached the top, they answered some riddles and entered some kind of throne room. Lady Voclain was there with the bastards. Maldrek defeated Voclain, and she turned into a puff of mist. Meanwhile the party dispatched Lady Voclain’s guards and secured the bastards. On their way out, the bridge collapsed, and the party gave the bastards to Maldrek in case they fell. Maldrek immediately teleported away to bring the bastards to safety. The party then made their way back down the spire and to the front gates where they killed the tower guards and opened the front gate. Upon reaching the armies assaulting the gate, they saw Maldrek, who declared them traitors and ordered them under arrest.


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