Knights of Azémar

The Faucher Rebellion

Editors Note

The following is all that remains of a “recounting” by Lem the Bard. While the important events in the excerpt are true, it is certain that Lem was not actually present at the siege of Fort Kalen. In addition, his style in other works suggests that many of the details may be embellishment, or simply untrue. A healthy amount of skepticism is to be suggested while reading.

A Torn and Burnt Page

…who craved power as a street dog craves the morsel that you hold over your maw, and the lyric of his heart was that of discord, so it was that Pierre looked towards the last breath of his most royal brother, and uttered his defiance. But the royal successors and brothers, William and Conrad, would not be cowed by this resistance, though great and unheard of it was, and immediately summoned forth their army of subjects, loyal and true, to march upon his perch of Fort Kalen. As the heroes approached the fort, the air seeped the poison of their uncle’s treachery, and a shadow of smoke and ash clung to the clouds above the sullied land. The scores of righteous approached the gate and requested a parley, but the inhabitants had turned to monsters, and spat bile and molten metal upon the brave warriors. Light and dark clashed at the gates, and the holy vengeance of the All Mother protected the legions of good from the infernal fury of the unholy bastards above!

Meanwhile, the mighty Conrad and cunning William forged their way into the fort through a secret underground passage! They brought an elite contingency of allies, and melted the great stone doors which lay nestled into the side of rock along the river! Emerging in the torture room of their enemies, they quickly slew a hellish man, who turned into a snake when he saw them. Unfortunately, the man let out a cry before he perished, alerting the evil torturers in the next room. As they struggled to hack through the stone and dirt to get out of the dark dungeon which they had infiltrated, the brave Ser Hugo fought droves of shifting beasts and bloodied sadists who longed to hear the crunch of his bones. When a path was finally forged, he brought the wrath of his greathammer onto the ceiling, collapsing the building around the dark forces which it contained! He was injured, however, by a spiteful slash to his arm from a poisoned sickle, and lost all use of his arm that day. He survived at great cost, but his sacrifice only fueled the rage of the All Mother against these abominations most unholy.

As the group rushed to the gate they were accosted by countless more foes, all of which were cut down in their tracks, the fervor of the future King and Staff proving too much for them to bear. As they opened the gates their armies poured forth, cutting down the monsters and releasing all those who had refused to bow to the arrogant overlord on his little hill. It was this hill which the brothers turned their gaze to next. As they arrived at the vast keep lightning crackled and gargoyles glared, warning the heroes of the presence that was hiding deep in the cold halls. The brothers saw a beam of light, however, which shone upon the shrine to the glorious All Mother, and went there to bow their heads in humility. The All Mother showed her allegiance clearly that day, for the lightning and darkness was banished, and the gargoyles and spines that adorned the walls crumbled and broke. Those royal blooded leaders of ours strode forth, with certainty in their hearts, to the depths of the foul palace.

While there were signs of the evil powers here, with victims of torture and execution found in all corners, Pierre was not to be found. When his wife was found, bound to a chair and hung upside down, she said that he had gone mad with lust for power upon hearing of the imminent death of his brother, and had consorted with evil forces to secure his place. However, they had all been daunted by the shining beacon that was the light of the All Mother, and made the fortifications strong, but could not guard the inside, where the all mothers shrine remained untouched. It was at this moment that Pierre descended upon them, with a force that wrecked havoc upon the keep which they were in, shredding the walls and roof with howling winds and scorching the very earth below with a fire that could pierce the heart of the sea itself. As he came down upon the weary soldiers, the voice of Conrad rang forth, commanding that he let them go unharmed. He cowered, but acquiesced, threatening that nowhere would be safe for them after the brothers were defeated.

As the last man fled the chaos, Pierre struck without warning, knowing that he could not defeat them in a fair fight. He raised his staff above his head and called down lightning, striking William where he stood. Crying out in anguish, Conrad leaped into the air, powered by rage and holy power, and struck the staff from Pierre’s hands, but not before he was stabbed with a wicked dagger, and he collapsed to the ground. Pierre cackled as he walked to his staff, but as he stood up and pointed the staff toward the fallen Conrad, a spear of heavenly energy flew at him and pierced him through the chest, pinning him to the wall. William limped over to his brother, armor still crackling with lightning, and offered him a hand. William brushed it aside, standing up using his sword as a support. Though he was bleeding profusely, he walked to Pierre, still alive, and beheaded him with a single stroke. The Faucher Rebellion had been quelled in a single day.

When the brothers returned home, tending to their wounds on the way, they were greeted by the applause of their people, who bowed low to the new rulers of the realm. Conrad kissed his lady wife, and they made plans for a feast that night. It was there that William met the beautiful Lady Jennifer, who later would take him to his room and…

The page is burnt at this point and nothing more can be read.

The King's Bastards

The party was teleported to a cathedral. They climbed the spire of the cathedral hundreds of feet up and saw a mirrored version of their party on the other side. When they reached the top, they answered some riddles and entered some kind of throne room. Lady Voclain was there with the bastards. Maldrek defeated Voclain, and she turned into a puff of mist. Meanwhile the party dispatched Lady Voclain’s guards and secured the bastards. On their way out, the bridge collapsed, and the party gave the bastards to Maldrek in case they fell. Maldrek immediately teleported away to bring the bastards to safety. The party then made their way back down the spire and to the front gates where they killed the tower guards and opened the front gate. Upon reaching the armies assaulting the gate, they saw Maldrek, who declared them traitors and ordered them under arrest.

Deep in The Spine
Our raid through underground caverns to enter Isleth

Led by Maldrek, our party traveled through a series of underground caverns within the northernmost ridge of The Spine, a mountain range surrounding Isleth. Maldrek explained that our party, now part of King Reinhold’s Special Guard, would pass through these old passages to reach Isleth before the rest of the King’s armies. It was clear to us through our examination of the caverns that they used to belong to some cult of Dragon worshipers. There were several statues of Drow in the entry hall, leading us to believe that they were the original architects of this space. There were also ancient cisterns, likely used for cleansing rituals, as well as several ancient religious tomes.

When we approached the final chamber, we saw a strange sacrificial ritual being performed. A body was lying on a large altar in the center of the antechamber. A hooded figure struck the final blow before we were able to intervene, or learn the purpose of the ritual. Then, we were ambushed by members of the Voclain armies, who we later learned were stationed here, perhaps to prevent such an infiltration. While the fighters occupied our attention, it seems that the acolyte and his sacrifice disappeared.

As soon as the Voclain soldiers had been dispatched, Maldrek suddenly appeared at the head of the altar, holding a severed head and chanting. We know not what the incantation meant, but when the ritual ceased, the large double doors behind the altar opened of their own accord. In the entryway was a half-dragon; the room behind him was engulfed in flames. Through artfully calculated blows and attacks, we overcame the evil beast and entered the hall. It was a circular room, wreathed in ever-burning flames but otherwise, empty. Maldrek led us into the center of the room, and then it seemed that the flames began to spin around us. We felt ourselves being lifted slightly and heard him tell us: “Remember, when we get to the other side, we’re looking for the King’s bastards.” All became darkness.

The Adventure So Far
A quick summary

The Closing of Angate

Lazarus, War Advisor to the king, closed Angate’s central market early, and announced to the people that King Reinhold had declared war against the traitorous House Voclain. All families were to send their able-bodied men and women to the front gates to fight for the king.

The Long March

Our party reluctantly joined and managed to get almost all of themselves locked up in chains on the march to meet with the King’s Army. Fortunately (or unfortunately as it were), a dragon attack on the King’s Army while traveling through the mountain pass caused them to be freed. There they met Urug-Gro, a member of the King’s Special Guard, who led them through the mountain.

The Winding Caves

Urug-Gro was hurt in the cavern, and the party managed to save him. Upon reaching the King’s Army, they met Maldrek Sarvin, Captain of the King’s Special Guard. Maldrek appointed them temporary members of the Special Guard to send them on a special mission when they arrived in Isleth.

The Siege at Isleth

Upon arriving at Isleth, while the King’s Army prepared for war, Maldrek lead the party on horseback to the river that ran under the rear spine of the Mountain. They quickly dispatched of a few guards, and made their way into The Spine


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