Knights of Azémar

The Adventure So Far

A quick summary

The Closing of Angate

Lazarus, War Advisor to the king, closed Angate’s central market early, and announced to the people that King Reinhold had declared war against the traitorous House Voclain. All families were to send their able-bodied men and women to the front gates to fight for the king.

The Long March

Our party reluctantly joined and managed to get almost all of themselves locked up in chains on the march to meet with the King’s Army. Fortunately (or unfortunately as it were), a dragon attack on the King’s Army while traveling through the mountain pass caused them to be freed. There they met Urug-Gro, a member of the King’s Special Guard, who led them through the mountain.

The Winding Caves

Urug-Gro was hurt in the cavern, and the party managed to save him. Upon reaching the King’s Army, they met Maldrek Sarvin, Captain of the King’s Special Guard. Maldrek appointed them temporary members of the Special Guard to send them on a special mission when they arrived in Isleth.

The Siege at Isleth

Upon arriving at Isleth, while the King’s Army prepared for war, Maldrek lead the party on horseback to the river that ran under the rear spine of the Mountain. They quickly dispatched of a few guards, and made their way into The Spine


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