Knights of Azémar

Deep in The Spine

Our raid through underground caverns to enter Isleth

Led by Maldrek, our party traveled through a series of underground caverns within the northernmost ridge of The Spine, a mountain range surrounding Isleth. Maldrek explained that our party, now part of King Reinhold’s Special Guard, would pass through these old passages to reach Isleth before the rest of the King’s armies. It was clear to us through our examination of the caverns that they used to belong to some cult of Dragon worshipers. There were several statues of Drow in the entry hall, leading us to believe that they were the original architects of this space. There were also ancient cisterns, likely used for cleansing rituals, as well as several ancient religious tomes.

When we approached the final chamber, we saw a strange sacrificial ritual being performed. A body was lying on a large altar in the center of the antechamber. A hooded figure struck the final blow before we were able to intervene, or learn the purpose of the ritual. Then, we were ambushed by members of the Voclain armies, who we later learned were stationed here, perhaps to prevent such an infiltration. While the fighters occupied our attention, it seems that the acolyte and his sacrifice disappeared.

As soon as the Voclain soldiers had been dispatched, Maldrek suddenly appeared at the head of the altar, holding a severed head and chanting. We know not what the incantation meant, but when the ritual ceased, the large double doors behind the altar opened of their own accord. In the entryway was a half-dragon; the room behind him was engulfed in flames. Through artfully calculated blows and attacks, we overcame the evil beast and entered the hall. It was a circular room, wreathed in ever-burning flames but otherwise, empty. Maldrek led us into the center of the room, and then it seemed that the flames began to spin around us. We felt ourselves being lifted slightly and heard him tell us: “Remember, when we get to the other side, we’re looking for the King’s bastards.” All became darkness.


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